Snail Cream Review - Tony Moly Pure Eco Snail Moisture Gel

Tony Moly Pure Eco Snail Moisture Gel Review - Walmart 

Two Stars Out of Five - ⭐⭐

By Jeff Dawson
tony moly pure eco snail moisture gel review
OK - I've been hearing about the snail secreation craze (which has a long history of being used in cosmetics) and decided to buy some of the stuff from Walmart online (no, this is not an affiliate plug, I really bought it). I'm a middle age man, who likes getting outdoors, but my skin is dry these days and its winter, so i thought i would try something, go snail cream! Well, it's not that great of a story actually, because I do not like this stuff. Not because it's snail cream, not a bad idea. But, because the scent of this stuff is like spraying lysol into my nostrils, OK! I like the consistency, and it feels cooling, but the scent is really strong, and unpleasant perfume like.

 My wife tried some of this snail gel too, and she thought the fragrance was way too much. Maybe the TONYMOLY people are trying to overcompensate for the whole snail stigma. But, hey Asians, and especially Koreans (which this comny has to be since it has Korean all over the container), love snail mucus, at least since the story about farmers letting the snails (which are escargot snails, similar to the invasive garden snail in the USA) slide around their hands and noticed their hands healing, and the skin getting nice and soft. There have been chemical tests too and it seemed to me like it could be truly healing so I tried it. If there is anything unscented out there I'd like to do that instead.

This container which says it's 90% (does that mean 90% snail mucus?) cost only $14.50 which  I thought was cheap since I read that harvesting snail slime is a slow process, which is fine because it apparently used to kill snails to harvest their goop (here's a discussion on reddit, youtube video on how it's harvested below). After eating for over a year, snail farmers have to be put them on a mesh and it takes like hours to get only a few grams of this stuff. Apparently the Romans used to let snails roam their faces to moisturize, so this is nothing new!

Here's the link, but I do not recommend buying it:

Next though, I think i'm going for some raw snail slime, but i'm not having any luck finding sources...does anyone have any suggestions? I see sites like this , but not so easy to see where to buy it.