Gunblood Unblocked

Gunblood Unblocked - Play The Game Here

Above is a variation of Gunblood shared from Scratch. Here below is another variation of Gunblood unblocked from Scratch

Here is the link to Gun Blood unblocked on Scratch.

Here is another link to Gunblood unblocked, by Wolf Games (guessing this is the official site link: , though it's hard to figure out how to play the game here).

Here is a link to GB on weebly: along with cheat codes:

Write these below right in what you see as the “CHEAT” field which is located on the select screen with characters:
POINTER = that's right add a pointer to your gunblood man's gun, laser pointer that is!
FASTFIRE = this allows you to shoot super fast
NOHIT = you can be indestructible with this code
MOREAMMO = give you all the ammo you want but you have to shoot the assistant